Archangel #1 cover art by Tula Lotay

William Gibson is one of the most iconic writers of science fiction around, and now he’s turning his hand to the world of comics for the very first time in a time-bending new IDW miniseries, Archangel. If a phrase like “William Gibson comic” is somehow not enough to sell you instantly, we’ve also got an exclusive look at the first issue.
Set in an alternate 2016 where Earth is ravaged by radiation, Archangel follows a sinister plan by the U.S. government to use a reality-altering technology known as the Splitter to help create a new existence that they can promptly a) gain control of, and b), probably screw it all up again.
Gibson will write the series (and co-created it alongside Michael St. John Smith), with art provided by Butch Guice, Tom Palmer (Inks, with Guice), Diego Rodriguez (colors) and Shawn Lee (Letters). Check out the solicit for more information below, as well as the first five pages of issue one—don’t forget to click the magnifying glass to enlarge!

Archangel #1 will hit shelves next week, on May 18th
Información via | io9.gizmodo